Matthew Lambert Poetry

You are but a seedling waiting to blossom bathe in the light and you shall become!

Abuse, pain and suffering is not OK
in any form no excuses no way.
Those who inflict are worthless and small
if you leave this situation please stand tall
as a brighter new life will commence this day.


By Matthew John Lambert 16/9/2017




My book is now complete and is entered into the South Australian Literary awards for unpublished Manuscripts.



I am currently working on a book project I have titled - From Darkness to the Light - My Awakening. Stay tuned for updates.



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Welcome to my new website where I intend to post updates on my writing and samples of my work. Stayed tuned





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I am a Poet, a Dreamer but most of all a believer in the written word and its power to enrich all our lives.